Introducing Recommended’s Answering Service

Run a better business. Let our receptionists answer your calls.

Businesses who use Recommended’s Answering Service report a 200% increase in their productivity.

But, don’t just take our word for it:

“They changed the face of my business image from embarrassing to impressive. The cost? Just silly low. I can’t brag loudly enough.”

– Emmett “Corky” Kaericher, Serious Digital Media

“They helped me grow my business. I can now focus on my clients & enjoy my limited free time without worrying about missing calls.”

– Kimberly Sende, Inspire Aerial Arts

We think that’s pretty convincing stuff, and there are plenty more testimonials here if you’re not yet on the bandwagon.

In fact, we’re so convinced that your business will see the same impressive results as our current customers, we’re offering a free trial for 30 days or 10 calls (whichever comes first) — a $50 value!

What’s included in Recommended’s Answering Service?

The words “answering service” are misleading because our receptionists deliver so much more than that. In addition to friendly, professional service from U.S.-based receptionists, you get:

All of these services are delivered remotely — meaning, our receptionists work from their location, not yours. This saves you thousands of dollars of in-office costs every year.

What can you expect from Recommended’s Answering Service?

There are three main pillars of our operations: basic call handling, scheduling, and customer support.

What plans are available with Recommended’s Answering Service?

After you’ve finished your free trial, there are three plans available. Choose the one that you think will best fit your needs. You can easily switch to a lower or higher plan at any time.

Our highly recommended receptionists have handled over 200,000 calls. We’re ready to take yours on, too.

Get a FREE trial now.

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