Stephanie Hendley/ Neurosport

Physical Therapist

Neurosport Physical Therapy is independently owned and operated by Carolyn M. Lawson, PT,FOC,ART-Cert. Established in 1996,Neurosport Physical Therapy has considered the premier therapist owned practice in the country. Our staff is highly trained in the latest, most advanced, and proven physical therapy techniques.

Neurosport's ongoing commitment to education and training ensures that our staff is practicing the most current and effective techniques, including hands-on manual therapy, dry needling, and active release techniques (ART). In addition, our therapists have excellent working relationships with the country's leading physicians. Thus, enabling us to observe surgical procedures and accompany physicians on hospital rounds and during clinic hours. Read more

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    Stephanie and her PT and dry needling have kept me healthy to complete numerous ultra and regular marathons