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Best of Climbing 2017

From shoe resolers to climbing guides, training coaches to physical therapists, there are more professionals than ever helping us climbers reach new heights. Recommend the folks who keep you crushing!

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Recent Activity

  • Liz Watters recommended High Altitude Fitness

    Climbing Gym

    High Altitude Fitness is the most conveniently located climbing gym in the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee Area, and frequently hosts fun community oriented events. It’s a great resource for kids to learn how to climb! The staff is very hands on and friendly. Read more

  • Liz Watters recommended Rubber Room

    Shoe Resoler

    They have fast and convenient service. Ship your shoes to them, and they will ship them back to you, wherever you are! We had them shipped to us while traveling in Oregon so we could climb at Smith Rock. They were more than happy to help out. Read more

  • Kyle Kyle recommended Alpenglow Expeditions

    Mountaineering Guide

    Good reputation for quality guiding and teaching rock climbing, mountaineering, and first aid. Read more

  • Dont M recommended Complete Balance Massage


    Dr Baietto was extremely careful with my 10 Year old who suffered a bouldering accident and wheelchair bound for a few months. My family of climbers are always out of tune (due to climbing injuries) and receive continued and regular care from Dr Hess who is experienced and caring, We never had a problem with scheduling. i feel taken care of and valued as a patient here. Read more

  • Olena Rubel recommended Haysam Sehsadeoglu

    Personal Trainer

    A really good body building expert, working at the Awaros Gym in Antalya, Turkey. Read more

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