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Well Connected Life (herein known as WCL) is an entirely independent company offering computer-related services. For nearly ten years, WCL has offered mechanical / technical repairs solely for out-of-warranty Apple products as well as other personal computer brands at customers express request. WCL's sole employee is an Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist, with a certificate on file at Apple in accordance to their policies. WCL is in no way affiliated with Apple Computer, directly or indirectly. Apple does not sponsor, endorse or acknowledge WCL. WCL solely represents itself when providing assessments, repairs and services. WCL does not offer repairs authorized by Apple, as such services could void all warranties and agreements between the consumer and Apple. WCL is not an authorized Apple service provider. With exception to repairs necessitated by damage due to neglect or accident, such as cracked screens and liquid exposure, WCL recommends all AppleCare-covered products and/or items purchased new within 365 days deal directly with Apple. If it's under AppleCare, take it to Apple or to the designated warranty provider. Apple, iCloud, iTunes, iOS, MacOS, its operating system titles and the Apple logo are registered trademarks and property of Apple. Read more

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    Alonso M.

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    I give Chris 11/10 hands down. My computer was overheating and I'm new to Dallas so I needed to find a new "Mac Guy." I ran into Chris' gig though an online search and gave him a call. He was able to see me within 24hrs and gave me a very reasonable estimate - it's been a month or so and no overheating! He talked to me about why my computer was overheating and offered some advice/practices that I could use to prevent this problem in the future. Chris cares about his customers and wants them to have and enjoy a "Well Connected Life."

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