Allen Coppock

Vintage Synthesizer Restoration

DeLorean Roland Juno-106 Mod

"Here it is ! The DeLorean 106. It's been stripped down to the bare shiny metal and clear coated for long lasting protection. The sides are now 1/4 inch solid Aluminum, polished to perfection. even the rocker bar underneath the keys is a clear coated shiny metal. The new "screen print" is a design we came up with here at the Synth Spa. More designs may be coming in the future. This particular 106 happens to be the "Rainbow DeLorean" because it's multi-colored, but you can have any version of DeLorean 106 you can dream of; just Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, or a color combination such as Blue and Orange, Red and Yellow, etc etc, Just tell me where to put the colors and lights.

The idea came to me because of some "cosmetically challenged" 106's that came thru the door. "Never waste a Juno" I thought. And in light of that idea, please find a juno that is cosmetically challenged before choosing this mod. But then again hey, it's your Juno! Also having said this, an "original screen print" service will be coming sometime in the near future. I would also like to give a big thanks to all that tolerate my craziness here in synth world. Thanks for letting me have some creative freedom!

AND obviously the insides are important as well so...

When you send your Juno to the synth spa for this modification , this is what you get;

1. A full panel board restoration. ( this solves bad buttons. corroded faders, edit light problems. )

2. Power board restoration. ( this solves aging large electrolytic capacitors that are leaking )

3. New battery and removable battery chassis in the CPU board. ( you can now replace the battery your self! )

4. Module board restoration - voice chips service. ( guaranteed not to fail, AND socketed for easy removal if need be. )

5. Juno 60 style transistors installed in the analog signal path on the module board and Jack board.

6. Minor body work and a clear coat to protect the Juno 106 screen print for years to come.

7. If you don't want the aluminum, your choice of wooden sides , Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Oak, or anything exotic or rare that we currently make.

8. Full calibration across the entire keyboard.

9. A special edition of Synth Spa Sounds for bank A & B, organized by type of sound. ( you'll never have to guess where your favorite sounds are again ! ) AND 2,048 sounds for you to dig thru and enjoy.

10. Lighted bender, LED's and 2 digit screen changed to either Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, or Green. Purple is possible in the bender section only."

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