Virtual Receptionist Services


Short-term Receptionist Answering Services

Smith is a superior call answering service for small businesses and individuals. Our virtual receptionists help you build better relationships with new and existing customers.

For every call, we will take down

  • the caller's name
  • email
  • phone number
  • reason for calling
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As soon as Jan 17, 2021

What does it include?

If you're looking at this service, you probably already know. But just in case — when you send a new lead to voicemail, you've likely lost them.'s virtual receptionists qualify leads, keep existing clients happy, and streamline your business to get you the most important information delivered via SMS or Email.

  • U.S.-based receptionists on duty 6am to 6pm PST
  • Instant summary of calls via text or email. Daily email summary, too!
  • Call screening and prioritization, including call disposition & urgency
  • Spam & sales calls blocked. No charge for spam or wrong numbers

If the number of calls exceed your subscribed quota, we will redirect the calls to your preferred phone to make sure no calls are dropped. 

By purchasing this service, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Why is it important?

While we offer a popular service for a monthly subscription fee, you can use our temporary, short-term services when you're experiencing a spike in call volume

  • You're running a marketing campaign
  • You've purchased Google AdWords and more calls are coming in
  • You're planning a large event

or you're experiencing an unexpected lapse in your existing receptionist capabilities

  • You're going on vacation
  • You're traveling for work and still want to give your customers and clients attention
  • Your receptionist is sick or going on vacation

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