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Greg Montalbano

Synthesizer Repair

Located in the northern California bay area.Service for many older analog synthesizers -- particularly Sequential Circuits (Prophet 5 rev 1, 2 and 3, Prophet 600, Pro-One, SixTrak, MultiTrak), Korg MonoPoly, Oberheim 2Voice, 4Voice, OB8, ARP Odyssey; service for some other synths is avilable (contact me for info). Calibration, repair, ROM upgrades, MIDI installation, oscillator tuning, key contact cleaning, power supply repair, keyboard bushing replacement, etc. Read more
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    I first found Greg many years ago when I had a house full of broken monosynths. Within a week or two of dealing with Greg, I had a house full of fixed and happy monosynths. Handily, he lived very close to me in Oakland, and so he became my go-to person to fix my synths. Over time, Greg began to restrict his activities to Sequential synths, which worked fine for me since most of the time I needed my Prophet VS synths fixed up. Every time I need something done to a Prophet, Greg is there for me and turns it around very quickly and affordably. He's done quick jobs for me when I needed a synth for a gig, or gone above and beyond when installing aftermarket mods and the like. I used to be concerned that my Prophets would live up to their unreliable reputation, but as long as I have Greg to take care of them, I know they will always be ready for action. Thanks, man.


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    I've sent Greg a few Sequential machines to repair over the years, and he's always done an amazing job and gone above and beyond what I sent it to him for. He and I have also swapped plenty of parts and techniques and solutions over the years. Everything has always been exactly as described, shipped quickly, and priced fairly. His knowledge of Sequential gear is vast, and he has always been willing to answer my questions. Highly recommended.


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    Greg repaired and cleaned my ARP 2600, as well as installed a new filter circuit. His pricing is reasonable and he is fairly fast.

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