New! Invite Friends to Recommended & Earn Credits

$10 toward any service

Announcing our Invite-a-Friend program: $10 Credits for you & all of your friends

You can now earn Credits by inviting friends to join you on Recommended! When they sign up, you’ll both get $10 Credits to spend on Recommended services.

There’s no limit: Get 10 friends to sign up and that’s $100 Credits, which you can cash in on home cleaning, lawn care, financial planning, and much more.

And with more friends on Recommended, you’ll see more recommendations from people you trust and get faster responses to your requests. Everybody wins.

Don’t let your friends work with strangers. Invite them to Recommended, where you can easily share your trusted businesses.

Invite friends & get $10 Credits.

Want more free stuff? Don’t forget that you can earn more Credits instantly by making a recommendation. Take a minute to recommend a business or professional — like your doctor, mechanic, or hairstylist.

Questions? Learn all about the Recommended Credits program here, or contact us anytime at [email protected].

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