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I have 15 years of experience as a writer. My main focus is on health and nutrition, but I write informative articles on other subjects as well. I started writing after completing a course in writing for children and teenagers. After studying natural-health consulting, I was awarded a diploma with the highest honors. Most of mine's work is published online. My poetry has been published in “Pockets,” a magazine for children. I'm not only an accomplished writer, but I'm also a Board Certified Reflexologist, a Reiki practitioner, and a Licensed Aesthetician. Read more

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    Tommy Coleman

    Added by WMP BRO

    Once upon a time, I studied at the university in the evening department. She worked during the day and studied in the evening. And so 5 days a week.

    And then one day trouble came to our university - a new teacher with a rather strange requirement to write a term paper on a book. Something like an essay, but the volume is several times larger. We learned that such work should be passed instead of an oral exam in a couple of weeks. This is not what to write, there is not even time to read a book.

    A classmate found the WMP BRO company, in which many of the group (especially lazy or busy) and ordered work. The office is located near the university (not far from the metro station) and you could drop in there after work.

    I brought something like a work plan, the title of the work and the design requirements to the office. The company had about a week to complete the work.

    After 5, they contacted me and said that the work was ready. The text of the work was sent to me by e-mail. Everything was done according to my requirements, the text passed the anti-plagiarism check. I just attach a title page to the file, read the text and somehow prepare for delivery :)

    As a result, I got my "4", but not for the text, but for not answering additional questions about other works from the list ...

    And I have a positive experience of cooperation with the WMP BRO. But, the truth is, I didn’t turn to them anymore.