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Best of Fitness 2017

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Recent Activity

  • Lee McClelland recommended Lee McClelland

    Personal Trainer

    Very personable. He really cares about his clients. Very, very knowledgeable. He is extremely professional. Read more

  • Rochelle Wallen recommended Rochelle Renkoski

    Personal Trainer

    She's a great trainer! Offers her services free for anyone that comes to the gym she works at! She has even set up workouts for my kids so that they can get active with me! She has a great personality and I've achieved so much because of her. Read more

  • They go above and beyond what they are asked to do! It is the only place in this small area that offers fitness classes, nutrition class, free personal training and a full blown gym with showers. It's something our community needed badly. The personal trainer there also really knows her stuff! I love working with her. They offer their extra services free and their memberships are very cheap and don't expect anything in return. It's a great place for my whole family! Read more

  • Diane Shelley Hunsinger recommended FitFam Fitness

    Fitness Instructor

    Kathleen has so much energy and spunk! Fitness is her life! She creates a positive vibe with people, she makes sure you reach your goals and is just a wonderful lady who cares about health! Read more

  • Sara White recommended IronFit Gym


    Great environment, can always find help with questions, offers lots of classes, great personalities! Read more

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