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  • Iana Harsono recommended Peacebank Yoga

    Yoga Instructor

    Peacebank Yoga is one of the best Yoga studios I've ever been to. They are always super clean, have a great energy and really, really nice people! I don't live nearby anymore but I really miss going here. My favorite instructors are Emily Galvin and Jos Bols. Really great and know their stuff. Coming to this place after work really helped me de-stress my life and loosen my muscles. I was able to do poses I'd never thought I'd do after coming here for a few months. Read more

  • Ermolay Romanov recommended Modo Yoga NYC

    Yoga Studio

    Clean and well-staffed Yoga studio that makes me miss Yoga every day that I am not doing it. Highly recommended! They will help you find the right teacher. Read more

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