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Summer of Sound 2017

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Recent Activity

  • Dylan Neal recommended Robert Chiang


    Robert is an incredible Jazz drummer who has really helped other's music come alive. He's creative and inspired and, most important for a drummer, punctual and reliable! Read more

  • Todd Sines recommended Blevins Audio

    Studio Technician

    Randy is a great guy for in-studio and phone support for MCI consoles and more. An excellent, invaluable resource for all things analogue, tape, and MCI-related, he's a font of knowledge, history and storytelling from the 70's, 80's and 90's. He helped me source an rare-as-a-hen's-tooth Autolocator I for my JH16 2" 16-track deck and has gotten my JH618 console running just by helping me over the phone. I owe my studio operation to him. Read more

  • Nikita Highkin recommended Renkus-Heinz, Inc.

    Acoustic Services

    We are curating events in Los Angeles and since we discovered prototype system of Brandon and his Family we've only using that. He is an incredible person to work with, never complains, always on time, always there if you need anything and of course the sound itself. It's just right there! Perfectly tuned F1 doesn't do what his rig does. Read more

  • Steven Head recommended Audile Collective

    Recording Engineer

    In addition to me a masterful engineer and producer Eamon Ford is a huge advocate for emerging artists. I take his advice whether it be on a pedals, production techniques, or the latest scoop on new bands. Read more

  • Kinsey Thompson recommended Carly Sabicer

    Mixing Engineer

    Has worked as a live mixing engineer for multiple events I've worked on, very professional! Read more

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