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Beautician's Day

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  • Iana Harsono recommended Angela Dinh

    Makeup and Hair Artist (MUAH)

    I had Angela do my makeup and hair for my wedding, and she was very professional!! I found her through A-List Makeup and I'm glad I did. She is very detail-oriented and made sure my makeup lasted throughout the long day. At the last minute, she was still fixing every strand of my hair! She knew there wasn't enough time to do my makeup and two other bridesmaids so she called for backup. I'm glad she did because we were right on time! Thanks to Angela, my makeup was flawless, I learned a lot about makeup, and my wedding photos look amazing! Read more

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Sep 1-30

Baby Safety Month

Caring for your baby is no small responsibility. Help other local parents by recommending the daycare provider that you trust with your infant.

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Aug 15

National Relaxation Day

Where do you go to unwind? Recommend your favorite spa, masseuse, or other calm-inducing business or professional.

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Aug 26

National Dog Day

Who's do you trust to take care of your furry best friend? Show your dog walker, groomer, or vet some love with a recommendation.

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