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Best of Cycling 2017

From mechanics to fitters, PTs to coaches, recommend the professionals who help you stay in shape, recover from injury, and keep those wheels spinning!

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Recent Activity

  • Jenny Skidmore recommended RIch City RIdes

    Bike Shop

    The staff at Rich City Rides are amazing. They are extremely helpful and an important part of our community. Read more

  • Brian Miller recommended Endurance Boise

    Cycling Coach

    Great local business for bicycle knowledge and expertise. Nice location and helpful when it comes to questions. Read more

  • Jes Allen recommended Bike Dr of Bel Air

    Bike Fitter

    I have to recommend Bike Dr for not only their fittings, but every customer service item they provide. I have had 4 fittings, 2 for me (CX and Endurance bike) as well as our mountain bikes for the kids. The fitter is informative of what he is measuring, why it is important, and what is the latest trends in the market. The owner sells items at very reasonable prices compared to other stores around and the whole group loves to teach. They seem to be abreast of every aspect in their field and always ensure the customer leaves their store with a smile. Read more

  • Satech Strouse recommended zova


    They don't just adjust you, they teach you how to maintain and correct the issues. Read more

  • James McFarland recommended James McFarland

    Bike Mechanic

    I like it. I enjoy getting out and going where ever the spirit of the moment takes me. I try to go a different direction every time I go riding. Makes me think that I am on an adventure.

    Updated on Dec. 11, 2017

    I like his work Takes the time to make sure everything is correct before proceeding. Does it right the first time and it always looks good. Considers all the possibilities Read more

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