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Best of Running 2017

From running coaches to physical therapists to podiatrists, who are the professionals that help you go farther and faster? Recommend the folks who keep you striding!

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Recent Activity

  • Always winning and able to help, but never pushy! Never been to a more friendly and personable gym! Read more

  • TM J recommended Rockhill Orthopaedic Specialists

    Orthopedic Doctor

    Very knowledgeable physicians. Prompt with appointments. They can do stays in their office. Good with instructing patients about therapy. Read more

  • Andrew Parsons recommended Jus Running

    Sporting Goods Store

    Great selection of affordable running shoes. Staff are super nice and willing to help with selection! Read more

  • Scott Snell recommended Rothman Institute

    Orthopedic Surgeon

    I had an anterior labral tear in my right hip that caused a great deal of pain while running and during other physical activities. As an avid runner, this was not enjoyable. I went to the Rothman Institute and John P. Salvo, Jr., M.D. fixed my up. Since the surgery I have run a list of ultramarathons including multiple 50 milers and two 100 milers without having any reoccurrence of the hip pain. Job well done, Dr. Salvo! Read more

  • Jason Clarke recommended Feehley Physical Therapist

    Physical Therapist

    They got my broken wife up and running again and they support my trail races. They have been at the BSS Trail Races for several years Read more

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Sep 1-30

Best of Climbing 2017

From shoe resolers to climbing guides, training coaches to physical therapists, there are more professionals than ever helping us climbers reach new heights. Recommend the folks who keep you crushing!

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Sep 1-30

Baby Safety Month

Caring for your baby is no small responsibility. Help other local parents by recommending the daycare provider that you trust with your infant.

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Sep 20 - Nov 30

Best of Fitness 2017

From personal trainers to physical therapists, CrossFit gyms to yoga studios, what businesses & professionals keep you in shape? Recommend them!

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