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Best of Yoga 2017-2018

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Recent Activity

  • Jennifer Aitken recommended Zenko Yoga

    Yoga Studio

    Amazing yoga studio that can work with all abilities. A wonderful balance between the physical exercise of yoga and the zen meditation. Every single teacher has insightful thoughts in each session. A wonderful energy transcends the entire studio. Thank you Read more

  • Isabella Wilson recommended Isabella


    Shes amazing! Shes nice! She is always ready for a challenge. She has a large family but not a lot of money. She has been wanting lululemon pants forever! But she sadly cant afford them. Read more

  • Ziva Payer recommended Levi Payer

    Personal Trainer

    I wish I could do justice in writing words about how amazing and talented Levi is! No matter what kind of person you are he will find a way to improve you and your well being that much more. Read more

  • I recommend Tapout Fitness if you are looking for a change in your workout routine. They offer many of classes, including kickboxing, circuit training, and martial arts for kids! Tapout fitness is an amazing place to get your sweat on and feel like 100 bucks when you are done your workout. The coaches and employees are awesome and it is always a blast! Read more

  • Emilie Button recommended Shanti Retreat

    Yoga Retreat

    for all the love and joy and support i feel at this studio. they have at heart the yoga practice and the evolution of their students. thank you shanti :) Read more

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