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  • Stuart Janssen recommended BPC Performance Systems
    BPC is both a team sponsor and team management, but beyond that, they're committed to helping athletes of all levels perform at their best and offer services that run the gamut of budgets. For instance: I am a cat 4 with rheumatoid arthritis on an art teacher's salary. Bryant and Dale have been helpful beyond the basic training services that I can afford in making recommendations on how I can accommodate my joint pain while still trying to remain competitive. They're also the only (to my knowledge) coaching service in the US that offers mobile hydration testing. read more

  • Stuart Janssen recommended Bikesmith
    The folks at Bikesmith are down to earth and service-oriented. They sell bikes and equipment, but the bread and butter of the shop is clearly serving the cycling community. I stop in regularly even if I don't need anything because I like to hang out and shoot the breeze with Jim, the owner/mechanic and Landon, the second mechanic. They're dog-friendly, they host parties, give back to the community, are knowledgeable about local riding and do top-notch service. All that plus they sell beer. And because the shop is wide open you can sit and learn what it is that your bike needs service-wise, or as I previously mentioned, just sit and chill. read more