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  • Ubaldo Morales recommended Beeline Bikes
    Knowledgeable about all facets of bicycle repair. Brick and mortar as well as mobile repair capabilities. read more

  • Rick Mesta recommended Beeline Bikes
    My experience with Beeline has been honest (i had some crazy ideas), very knowledge (dropped some eye-opening facts), and super friendly (made this bike noob feel really comfortable). read more

  • Brad Gerard recommended Beeline Bikes
    Welcoming and challenging allowing us to keep moving forward. Always new ideas to keep use interested and ingaged with our lives and goals. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Beeline Bikes
    Beeline is the only company who works on my bikes now. It's that simple. Before them, I had been going to Palo Alto Bicycles for a few of my bikes and Velo Tech for the nice one. I was under some impression that because Tom at Velo Tech was an awesome tech, that only he was qualified to work on my Pinarello, blah blah blah. Wrong. From the first time Beeline pulled up in front of my house with their truck and took my bike, I realized I never had to deal with the old model of bike service again. Whether it was at my house or at work (they would come to Google while I was working there), I could just wheel my bike out, go back to whatever I was doing, and get a call from them when it was time to come get it. I've had them do everything from trivial bar tape and tuneups to complete component overhaul and replacement, and it only takes a few hours instead of dropping it off at the LBS and waiting a week, having to nag them, etc.

    They've given me the same amazing advice I would usually get from my LBS (like which vintage derailleur to put on my old bridgestone) and unlike the shop I was going to they weren't overcharging me on parts. So basically everything about this model is better, whether it's just having your bikes tuned up and cleaned for the spring, having a new online bike purchase assembled, or whatever, and their techs are absolute pros. Yes I am raving about them — and honestly I think everyone should be using them! It is just so much more convenient and it's an added bonus that the quality is so high and cost is reasonable. read more

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