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  • Ben Allen recommended Frogleg Synthesis
    I sent Pete a complicated Eurorack buildout for 11 modules and he came through with flying colors. It included 2 Temps Utile, 2 Ornament and Crime, and 7 Random Source Serge modules. I had partial parts for some of the units, and for many of them he had to source the parts himself. Pete was simply amazing to work with. Very detail oriented and communicative, and up front and conservative with the hours he worked. The build quality on the modules is A+, and he made sure to test and calibrate before delivery. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. read more

  • Solar Marquardt recommended Frogleg Synthesis
    Pete expertly handled a massive 25 module MOTM build; acquired all the parts, assembled, calibrated, tested, worked with suppliers to solve problems with components, performed custom mods. Shipped box within a box, incredible packing, arrived internationally with zero scratches. Reasonable price. And most importantly great communication! read more

  • Seamus Roche recommended Frogleg Synthesis
    I wholeheartedly recommend Pete as a smart, savvy synth tech, clear communicator and great guy. A couple years back I was searching for a tech in Chicago who was building the TTSH (ARP 2600 Clone). Pete was able to find me a working TTSH. Once obtained Pete gave me a choice of mods for the TTSH. Pete did a Gate boost, VCO sync (VCO 1 > VCO 2 and VCO 1 > VCO 3). Pete added not one but two MIDI Implants (!) this included a left hand side cup of 5 pin MIDI IN and MIDI OUT, and several 3.5mm jacks for CV out, Velocity out, Gate out, Boosted gate out, Gate in to synth, Gate in to booster, Boosted trig out and Trig in to synth. On top of that Pete gave me some pointers on patching. He is a great tech and you should count yourself lucky if you can hire him! read more

  • Alex Timchak recommended Frogleg Synthesis
    Pete is an excellent tech who has repaired and/or modded several pieces of vintage and not so vintage gear (Korg Polysix, Roland JD-800, Yamaha CS-30, Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer.) His prices are very fair, he is lightning fast, perfect communicator, always has given spot on estimates, and will tell you if he isn't comfortable with a particular project or mod and why. He is my go to tech and he's a great guy. He has my highest recommendation. He also really loves synths too. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Frogleg Synthesis
    One of my most treasured voltage processing modules, the Serge VCS control voltage generator and audio source (I had the Bananalogue version)...stopped working right! Oh no! My zaps were no longer zappy and whomps were no longer whompy. (I realize at this point this recommendation reads like Sprigley Sprockets, but this is all real.) I reached out for help on Analogue Heaven, and it just so happened Pete was on a business trip to San Jose, and drove up to analyze the problem. He took the module back with him, fixed it for a very reasonable price, and got me back in a happy place with my music studio. Pete was a pleasure to work with and did impeccable work. I highly recommend getting in touch with him if your electronic music equipment — especially eurorack — isn't working right, or if you need someone to put together that amazing DIY kit you'll never get right. read more

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