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    On Yelp it says their business license was verified in January. However, it was suspended in 2018. I verified this by going on LNI. Additionally, I called the number on Yelp and asked if it was the same business as the one in the pictures below and "Vince" stated it was and eventually hanging up on me. Unfortunately, this was not verified before having the work done.

    They have now gotten new business license with at new company name. Which is the 4th one in the last 5 years.

    My brother had this contractor add a parking spot in front of his house and "Tim" basically scraped the grass off and threw some gravel on top. It was not leveled, and it is super bumpy. My brother asked for an itemized receipt and proof of the business license. However, "Tim" would not provide one. Not to mention he was incredibly rude. "Tim" did state the number of hours he was there, and my brother's security camera proved that to be false. It was 1.5 hours less than what was stated. At $400(4 men at $50) an hour and that adds up quickly. When confronted "Tim" started yelling at my brother over the phone. When asked to correct the mistake, "Tim" stated it would be $3000 extra. Moral of the story, do your research before hiring a contractor. read more