• Linh Ha
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  • Linh Ha recommended Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital
    The doctors at COCEAH are super sweet and caring! I took my dog to their office after it was involved in an accident. They took us in when no other clinics were open and helped my dog recover. It's a great emergency animal hospital I highly recommend! read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Sara Khoshbin, DDS
    Dr. Sara is excellent with children. She's extremely patient, kind, and gentle. We're so grateful for her and the entire pediatric dental team at New Generation Dentistry for providing dependable, quality care for us. read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Long Beach Smile Co.
    Dr. Hamdani is so good with kids! She's very patient and gentle with them when cleaning their teeth. We had no problems on our first our appointment and will make sure to come back. read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Bluebell Family Dental
    Great dentist! I was super scared for my root canal, but the procedure was actually quite quick and easy. Tip: check in about 15 minutes before your appointment with the receptionist. If you come late, the dentist might take a walk-in appointment if you don't read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Hacienda Pediatric Dentistry
    Dr. Sheu is the sweetest. My daughter was scared about going to the dentist because a bad experience previously, but with Dr. Sheu, it was all smooth sailing. Dr. Sheu explained everything to my daughter before the dental exam, so she wouldn't be scared of anything. Definitely recommend her! read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Dental Studio of Pasadena
    Dr. Fonrodona was super nice to me and my family. Everyone at Dental Studio of Pasadena was friendly when we checked into the front. I had a root canal that I was really afraid about, but the procedure was painless and quick! I'm so glad I went to Dr. Fonrodona and I'll be sure to recommend him to my friends (: read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Epic Dentistry for Kids
    Epic Dentistry for Kids is a great place to take kids who are scared of the dentist. Dr. Patterson is great with the little ones. He always takes the time to explain what's going on and teach kids about the importance of dental health. Also a big fan of the general atmosphere at Epic! Everyone is so friendly and they leave cute little games for children in the front. read more

  • Linh Ha recommended BrightCare Animal ER
    Already showered Dr. Ali with compliments for his Neurology practice, but I'm just going to go ahead and leave him one for him and his staff's incredible emergency veterinary work. They're always there on call and they are very understanding of the stress that both my pet and owner are under when there's an emergency. read more

  • Linh Ha recommended BrightCare Animal Neurology
    Dr. Ali is amazing. He has such an extensive knowledge of veterinary neurology - I took my cat to at least 5 or 6 other veterinarians and they simply couldn't diagnose her problem. Dr. Ali was nice and patient with us, making sure to do a thorough job. So grateful he was able to help her get better! read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry
    Dr. Nanna is a great pediatric dentist. She and her husband have helped my family very much. Her staff always takes their time to try and do whatever they can to ease children's anxiety. The service is great and we really appreciate them. read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Newpark Orthodontics
    I know Nima through one of the orthodontists that my sister goes to. Though he hasn't ever operated on my personally, he gave some great advice to my sister who gave it to me about how to deal with a traumatic wisdom teeth removal. He really knows what he's doing and I can tell he's a very compassionate, patient-oriented orthodontist. If I ever move to Alpharetta, he would my go-to for my kids' braces! read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Porth Personalized Orthodontics
    Dr. Rooz is an expert in his field. Not only is he a seasoned professor with an extensive background in academia, he's an extremely caring and attentive orthodontist! My sister was really embarrassed about getting adult braces, but she admits that he made the process extremely easy. Now, she can't stop smiling! Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area who's looking to realign their teeth. read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Brookhurst Animal Medical Center
    Dr. Lopez truly cares about animals and will do everything in his power to help your pet. He helped my guinea pig get better and charged me very reasonably. read more

  • Linh Ha recommended New Generation Dentistry
    Dr. Sasha was really great. My kids are usually really squeamish at the dentist's office, but the staff at New Generation Dentistry was able to calm them down and clean their teeth. Thanks, Dr. Sasha! read more

  • Linh Ha recommended Taco Bar Catering
    Taco Bar Catering has awesome Mexican food and they're always on time. For all the food and quick service you get, Taco Bar Catering is definitely worth it. read more