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  • Kristina Rizga recommended Rolando's Painting Company
    We were very fortunate to have been referred to Rolando by an architect friend who'd worked with him on a number of jobs. He did fantastic work. Not to brag, but our house looks amazing inside and out. His guys are gifted with a roller and brush and work quickly. We've had them paint every room in our house and the exterior. We even have them coat our shingles with Penofin (which is a pain).

    Every job has been flawless. He is very willing to work around our schedule and we never waited more than a week to start work after contacting him. The day of, he's there on time and gets cracking with military efficiency. Their work is flawless and they take great pride in the quality of their work. We asked them to paint our kitchen cabinets and drawers which have a special coating making it difficult for paint to adhere and be smooth. So he took every door and drawer to his shop to spray repeatedly. That was three years ago and they still look great!

    You can take his estimates to the bank. Only once did he underestimate the amount of work necessary. The reason for this was because the paint *we* chose for the exterior wasn't appropriate for the old retaining wall being painted. He told us about a special type of paint that would work better and insisted that not only would they do the painting for free, but he'd cover the paint itself. It was ludicrous. I practically had to threaten him into taking our money for the work and paint. And the only way he would accept it was in the form of a tip to his guys. Not to mention, his prices are unreasonably reasonable.

    They are very professional. Prep and paint is thorough and clean impeccable. The guys joke around and chat but are working like mad the entire day. They couldn't be a nicer or more respectful of people's space. We really couldn't be happier with their work. I'm psyched to never need to look for another painter in SF. read more

  • Kristina Rizga recommended Ace Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine
    I don’t think I’ve recommended any business or service to anyone as often as I’ve recommended ACE Physical Therapy and Don Azcarte. My husband was his first client. He had injured his knee and after months of physical therapy somewhere else, he wasn’t improving. Then he saw Don and stopped limping within a week. I’ve had many, mostly computer related injuries in the past 10 years and Don finds just the right strengthening exercises and stretches to remove the pain very quickly. By now, I think my entire exercise routine consists of targeted exercises Don prescribed to me over the years, and as a result, I haven’t gone to see him in years. In my previous life, even though I went to the gym, I seemed to get some kind of a back, computer-induced injury every 6 months.

    Don is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and very experienced. He has you move around and instantly diagnoses the root causes of your pain. On top of it, Don and his crew are a really fun and enjoyable group of people to be around. Can’t recommend them high enough! read more

  • Kristina Rizga recommended Major Innovation Construction
    David and his crew members are great! We worked with David on a very big project that spanned the better part of a year. He was recommended to us by our next-door neighbor for whom he had done many large, complicated and challenging projects. Our neighbor praised his skills, flexibility and ingenuity.

    We called David because our home had extensive dry rot damage, old and splitting shingles, a sketchy staircase, and old single pane windows that were rotted and leaking. In other words, our house had problems.

    The biggest wrench thrown our way was by the city. They did not allow us to replace the fish-scale shingles with more cost effective shiplap (tongue and groove) siding unless we could prove that the fish-scale wasn't original. Hard to do with no photos of our 120 year old house. Unfortunately for us, one can't purchase fish-scale cedar shingles. They had to be hand-milled. But David and his buddy Rob did an expert job individually milling a thousand or more shingles and precisely matched the old, damaged shingles we had. They installed them carefully and with machine-like precision. Along the way, they also cleaned up or replaced a lot of the surrounding trim which had either rotted or split over the years. They sealed up every last corner and crevice of our house so it is now perfectly waterproof for the next century.

    The next major project was the exterior stairs. The previous stairs were rotted, rusting and unstable. David worked very closely with our architect to construct the tricky design he created. Dave also built up a few retaining walls (one of which holds up a corner of our home) and poured some foundational slabs for the stairs. Dave's wife, Valerie also did a superb job repainting the exterior of our house and windows.

    The stairs required a permit. Our plan was fairly unconventional due to limited space and this required some major sweet talking on David's part. The building and planning departments and the inspector gave us a lot of grief and without David's ability to persuade and cajole, it's hard to imagine how we would've ever pulled the project off.

    I could go on about our project but, suffice it to say, it wasn't straight forward or easy. David's broad skill and decades of experience were fully utilized.

    The main qualities that stood out to me were:

    1. Drive for perfection. Dave is a true craftsman. He cared deeply about doing quality work that will stand the test of time. He gets good materials and is careful and deliberate in how he shapes them. Everything he does looks handmade rather than thrown together on the cheap. My architect and our friends who know a thing or two about construction praise his craftsmanship. Not to mention just about every person who walks down our street is taking a photo of our house now. What's more, he only brings in people who share his values.

    2. Creativity, open-mindedness and communication. David is always willing to listen to my ideas (most of which are dumb) and to make sure I'm happy and well informed. When unanticipated snags come up, David is quick on his feet and devises workable alternatives. He explained every aspect of the work to me in great detail. I learned so much in the process and always felt comfortable that everything being done was important for the long term quality of our home.

    3. Personality. David is a good-hearted, honest, funny and positive person. You wind up spending a lot of time with your contractor. It's important that you enjoy who you're working with. read more