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  • Jason O'blivion recommended John Hunter Acoustics
    As a bedroom music producer, I've long struggled with accurately mixing and mastering music in an untreated room. When a friend mentioned they'd found someone who produced affordable custom made sound treatment AND would install them, I was onboard.

    John was a total pro. Easy to work with, responsive and excellent at his craft. I couldn't be happier with the workmanship and quality of the sound panels, and the job he did installing them in the room. I'd recommend John to anyone I know who might need help with acoustic treatment, and I'd work with again in a second. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended John Hunter Acoustics
    John solved a problem I've had in music production for 15 years for around $1000: Poor acoustics in my room that led to bad mixes, which meant every sound I made or song I wrote sounded muddy, which led to two times the overhead on everything I was doing. That amount of money seems daunting when you're 30, but when you only have 1-2 hours a week to record or compose, it's worth saving up for. I had been looking for someone like this for years, came across recommendations for him on a private message board for audio production, and reached out.

    A few weeks later he drove to my house, took measurements in my room, and provided a sketch of what we were going to do. Two months later his team was back at my house installing the panels. The room now sounds *amazing*. I no longer have to redo every mix. He custom-builds his own absorption and reflection panels, having expertise in the materials, design, and placement. This is not something that can be trusted to DIY or some $300 Auralex egg-carton kit. The difference between what I had before and what I have now is tremendous.

    Since my working with him, two of my other friends have also jumped on the bandwagon and hired him to fix their studio problems as well. I highly recommend having him come fix your studio space — it is life-changing. No amount of crappy DIY solutions comes close to trusting a pro who does it for a living. If you have a space in your home where you work on music or play instruments, do podcasts, or any type of audio work, I guarantee it is worth every penny to have him treat the space. read more

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