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  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Joong Boo Market
    Joong Boo market has a catering section for Korean food dishes. Very affordable and delicious. They can make trays of kalbi, chap jae, and kimbop. I love their food and the market is amazing place to shop for whole sale market as well. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Emergency Room
    This is an old fashion neighborhood business that doesn't need a website or email to run their business. They are just good at fixing your shoes, zippers, and doing their laundry service. They can fix any zipper situation. Book bags and coats very affordable. You can't find places like this anymore. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Emergency Room
    This is an old fashion neighborhood business that doesn't need a website or email to run their business. They are just good at fixing your shoes, zippers, and doing their laundry service. They can fix any zipper situation. Book bags and coats very affordable. You can't find places like this anymore. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Artpolis Bakery, cafe and Agora
    I always like to order my goodies here especially their mango mousse cakes. They offer catering services as well. You can order online and they make it very easy to do it. A personable, clean and friendly place to check out. They are a Greek bakery so they make a lot of Greek cuisines. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended A-K auto shop
    It's our local auto mechanic body shop work we go here because our insurance also covers this auto shop. We get our body work done where when we get into car accidents. They are good at giving quotes and not too high. We like they can fix a car up rather fast within a week or two and we get our car back good as new. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Viking Ski Shop
    We came here to do a ski rental for our daughter who is a beginner skier. They were affordable rentals and they know how to fit the person to the right ski boots. They are good with kids, and a good communicator. You know how much the rental cost and when to pick them up and drop them off. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Northwestern cutlery
    Everyone should be getting their knives sharpen professionally if they don't know how to do it themselves at home. Sharpening a knife is very important to keep them working properly. Plus they supply kitchen gadgets and other things of that nature. They sharpen all knives and blades. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Village Cycle Center
    Bicycle enthusiast experts on Trek and Electra brands bicycles. My husband I have come here to get his bike serviced. They do repairs and assembly of the bicycles. Also, ask about any bicycle related questions they have an answer for it. They also fit you for the right bicycle too. For not each bicycle is made for specific body size. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Katie O's Food Carnival
    Katie O' Reilly's Katie O Food Carnival is a healthy catering business. They make healthy food look like a festive carnival. I love their poke' bowl salads and Asian buns with pull pork. Everything is eye appealing and their staff is so friendly and they give you more than enough food for any event. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Sur La Tablet Cooking Classes
    If you're looking to learn how to cook or bake Chef Adam and Angela are the best instructors around. Sur La Table offers fun cooking classes all year around even for young kids. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Rose Cart Sunnyvale Florist
    I had ordered a floral arrangement from Rose cart for my cousin's birthday. They do flower arrangements in cute forms like in a shape of a puppy. The most important thing to recommend about this company is that they go above and beyond their good services. I would use them for floral service again. I highly recommend them if you live in the Sunnyvale California to use them for floral services. read more

  • Trish Ryan recommended Cook like an Asian Momma
    Jackie is a great cook!! She's given me many samples and they've all been delicious. I recommend her services highly, read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Larsa's Mediterranean & Pizza
    Larsa's Mediterranean & pizza offers catering located in Skokie IL. Excellent family friendly service with a smile. Food is delicious you won't be disappointed. Lamb kabobs and their rice is excellent. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Chinatown Chicago Public library
    Chinatown Chicago Public library is a great place for all ages to go and visit. New building and the librarian is very nice lady and informative. The first level has conference rooms, children's section and the second floor is for the adults and youth age kids. Computers are on both floors and access to the internet wifi is free. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Tile Outlet Chicago
    Every tile you can possibly want or need can be found at the tile outlet store. We have gone here to shop for our back splash. Basically this takes out the middle man when a contractor needs to tile your home you can get the tiles to save some fees on your end. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Lexington Square Homes Place 3
    Lexington square builders built our newly constructed row home back in 2010. We've lived here for about 9 years and we are 85% satisfied with the units and have had water damage issues in our ceiling. We have noticed as they build new homes around us they are cheapening out on materials. I say buyers need to beware of what they are being sold so they are prepare for special projects. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Burrows Moving & Storage Co.
    What I like about Burrow's moving company is that they specialize in moving pianos.We are a family who has to move a piano whenever we end up moving to a new home. We used them about 8 years ago when we moved from the West loop to the Bridgeport area of Chicago. They had a moving truck with a group of me who knew how to wrap up the piano and other furniture so it doesn't scratch up the walls when you have to carry them into the house and up at least one flight of stairs. Very professional and they've been around for years. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Secondprint Productions
    Albert Yau is not going a friend but a great professional photographer. He started out doing photography as something he enjoyed then bloomed into a full fledge business. He does video and photography work for weddings and other special events. He is very friendly and is fair with his pricing and works hard for the clients. His work is clean and organized. I really think he adds a nice personal touch and you will enjoy working with him and his team on your special day. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended RESIDENTIAL SALES
    Nish Rupasinghe is a professional who is honest and very easy going personality. She will go above and beyond to help you either sell or help you buy your home. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Trisha's Littlecrew
    Trishas Littlecrew is baby sitting service she is more than just a baby sitter she also helps pick up the kids and takes them to their other activities while the parents are working. She basically fit into the parent role while the parents are busy. I have seen her in action the kids really like her and she very nurturing to the littles ones. I would trust her with my kids if I wasn't a stay-at-home-mother. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Charter Fitness
    Charter fitness does provide personal training as well as team training. I personally use this place as a workout fitness gym. It's only $10 a month for membership. It's a basic gym with the cardio machines and weights. They have small men's and women's locker room, usually pretty clean. Friendly staff and they are always cleaning their equipment when from what I've observed. They do not have work out classes but I think the team training might be something close to it. It's an affordable way to join a gym without fancy stuff, but who needs that if you looking to workout and leave right? read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Bridgeport Family Dental Center
    Dr. Steven Vongluekiat is a great dentist he's been our dentist for the the last 8 years that we've been living in Bridgeport community. Great team that works with him. I would strongly recommend Dr Steven for dental care as he has kept my teeth in tip top shape and my gums and teeth have never felt better. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Paws Chicago
    Nothing better in this world than to adopt a new friend be it a cat or a dog. Paws Chicago has been one of the favorite places for my family and I to visit just to play with pets who are in the care of a no kill shelter. We haven't adopted here yet, but we've visited this place probably two-three times a year when we get the urge to think about adding to our household. We haven't found the second dog for us yet, but we do like how Paws is so good about everything. They have volunteers to help with taking care of the pets and it is friendly place to check out if there is someone right for you to bring home. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended WorkSpring
    If you're looking for a space to host a training course, conference or any type of meeting space this is the place to go and do that. Plenty of rooms and it's very modern and clean. They can provide you with large space, small space conference equipment white boards etc.. If you're a business who needs more space to host meeting in the downtown area of Chicago this is a good spot. You can even host office parties too. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Kinzie Lacquer Spa
    Lacquer Spa makes you feel you're going on a mini-vacation from the stressfulness of your life. You go in there and you can get nails done, a massage or some waxing hair removal. The owner is a very nice lady she is Mongolian has a vegan life style. Her products are all free from animal products. I believe their services are $45 for a pedicure and manicure possibly more with no chip. They give great back massages and they are very clean! I highly recommend them for a luxury spa day. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Upbeat Music
    Upbeat Music located in the edge of Bridgeport and Armour Square neighborhood. They have amazing music teachers for piano, guitar and violin and I also believe voice and drums. My daughter was a student for for at least two and half years and we enjoyed our time with the school. The owner Scott is friendly guy and he very helpful with information and the recitals are very nice. Justin was our daughter's piano teacher and he is an outstanding piano teacher with so much skill and talent. I recommend this music school for anybody looking to put their kids into a music school. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Target Optical
    Dr. Andrew Paik has a great team that helps him operate his optical store in the Target store. Friendly, busy place because it has good service. My whole family comes here for their optical appointments and new lenses and contacts. He's been our optometrists for I believe the last two years and I strongly recommend his practice for services. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Bliss Nails
    Bliss Nails is a Nail salon that also do other beauty care like waxing eye brows and under arm etc.. They are owned and run by Chinese. They do speak fluent english so language shouldn't be a barrier. A pedicure and manicure combo is $30 if you want no chip it's $45 and up! I go there because I live close by and the price is perfect for me and I like the service. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended BCS Hair Design
    Erandi is probably the best hair dresser I have ever had in my life of paying for professional hair stylist next to my Aunty T who is the best. She is a color expert and she knows how to make me better than I honestly feel about myself with it come to style and hair. You won't be disappointed with the salon called BCS, and if you ever do get disappointed they will fix it at no cost to you. I have been with them for about 8 years now and I wouldn't trust anybody else with my hair besides Erandi. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended Women's Health Consulting, IL, LLC
    I personally love my doctor Dr. Wendy McDonald, but the entire group is very good as well. They are very busy doctor's office, and there is a lot going because of it. However, once you get in there and see the doctor you'll be fine. I like how the doctors are friendly and helpful. I had my third baby with them and I trust them with my health care and my emotional mind as well. It's hard to find a good OBGYN and GYN office that is very helpful and friendly. If you ever have any issues you can call and address it with them they will resolve it. read more

  • Jacquelyn Yeo recommended @Properties
    Regina Castle sold us our Lexington Square row home almost 8 years ago and we love or row home. We feel people should know about her and how hard well she knows about properties it's value and how to sell it a house. She a warm friendly approach and she has great taste in finding home for buyers we all. read more