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  • Greg Meyer
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    Greg Meyer
    Financial Advisor & CPA
Greg Meyer's pros (1)
  • Loretta Hui recommended New Wave Financial Services
    We contacted Greg for simple tax services, but we like him so much that we keep talking to him about everything – overall finances, retirement outlook, new job offer packages, etc. He has been able to give useful information every time. Because of him, we are more aware that we lack diversification in our overall portfolio, what our expenses would look like if we were to have a kid, how old we do need to work till until we can retire, etc. He's really easy to talk to, with an added bonus that all the interactions happened via Hangouts and email! So convenient. read more

  • Jason O'blivion recommended New Wave Financial Services
    I have complete confidence in the state of my finances, taxes, and retirement thanks to Greg. He is a consummate professional, easy to talk with, and extremely knowledgable. I always come away from our conversations with the sense that I've made the right choice in trusting Greg with my financial planning. read more

  • Isha K recommended New Wave Financial Services
    As someone's who only knows the basics about finance, Greg was able to teach me a ton about 401ks, IRAs, and how to plan my budget within just an hour. He helped me get set up with an investment strategy, and was there to answer all of my questions, no matter how complex or specific. Definitely a very easy guy to work with -- and everything was done over Google Hangouts! read more

  • Tom Hart recommended New Wave Financial Services
    Of the many tax and financial advisors I have worked with, Greg is by far and away the best. He worked for a big firm with high net worth clients and now the rest of us get his expertise. Very tech savvy, organized, and a friendly guy for Q&A. read more

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  • Cynthia Maxwell recommended New Wave Financial Services
    Greg is always available to answer questions big and small. His rates are reasonable for the level of personal attention he gives his clients. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended New Wave Financial Services
    Greg is amazing — he is the future of financial consulting. He does everything virtually. No more collecting all your receipts to trek down to your tax person's office. We speak regularly over video chat, he has advised on everything from our investments to our car purchases to our job move riskiness. He is a very personable guy, a pleasure to talk to, and that is probably why nearly everyone I have recommended him to ends up working with him as well. Seriously one of the best people we've ever worked with. read more