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  • Justin Maxwell recommended Don Gunn
    After years of mixing my own tracks, I came to the conclusion that it's by far my weak spot — and having finished a new album, having launched a company, and being the parent of a toddler, I knew there was no time to learn to do a quality job on it. (Most electronic musicians mix their own tracks and think of recording/mixing engineers as only focusing on bands with instruments.) I've been following Don on Twitter for years (found out about him via Sean @ ValhallaDSP) and decided I'm not going to waste any more time. Hiring someone with decades of experience doing it, on hardware meant for mixing and recording, who works in a room designed for the job, seemed like the right move. And it was! Don not only glued my mess of an album together, but also brought it to life. He carved out room for everything to breathe, rode faders to bring attention to elements that would give way to others (versus my static levels throughout phrases), and challenged me with creative elements like off-time delays that I never would have considered. read more