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  • David Maxwell recommended Crossfit Asheville
    Dawn was recommended to me by several elite runners (a description that does not fit me...) to help me achieve two goals: 1) get my body into shape to run faster/farther; 2) improve overall strength and fitness. She has totally outdone the high expectations set by her recommenders - Dawn is professional, incredibly knowledgeable (she was a nurse for 30 years), supportive and encouraging. She does a superb job of laying out a training plan, explaining in clear detail why we're doing what we're doing and what to expect, and guiding me to do the workouts correctly. She's terrific! read more

  • David Maxwell recommended Jus Running
    Norm finished 10th in the Boston Marathon in the late 80s, so he clearly knows what it takes to fulfill your running goals--whether it's to be an elite competitive runner or and old guy who still wants to run faster/farther (that's me...). When appropriate, he works with a local physical therapist (whom I've also recommended) to ensure that your body is capable of meeting your goals. Norm sets out ambitious, but realistic, goals on a two-week basis and adjusts as necessary depending on your performance. He's always available, giving you his work, cell and home phone numbers, and you can stop by to chat in person at Jus' Running (which is a wonderful store) late afternoon almost any weekday. Great guy, great coach. read more

  • David Maxwell recommended Dr. Jason E Bergman
    Root canal procedures are not something to which you submit yourself for fun -- you get them done when your body tells you--in no uncertain terms--that you've got a problem. Dr. Bergman manages to make the procedure as free of discomfort as is humanly possible (other than a few hypodermics to numb your gums, and keeping your mouth open for 20 minutes, there's no discomfort). He goes to great lengths to explain what needs to be done and why, keeps you informed every step of the way as he proceeds, and frequently checks to make sure you're ok. He's thoughtful, professional and very sensitive to the fact that you'd rather not be there :-) read more

  • David Maxwell recommended Hughes Guitars & Repair
    Randy Hughes is one of the best guitar techs in the Southeast, and has a global clientele. He's done set-up on a number of my guitars, from acoustics to electrics, and his work has been impeccable. He's tremendously knowledgeable and skilled, and is committed to ensuring that the setup is appropriate for my playing style and ability. Every time he's worked on one of my guitars, somehow I think I'm playing better as a result :-). Randy is also very personable, attentive and a joy to interact with (as is his son Will, who works with him). Randy and Will have now begun producing their own solid body electric guitars in two styles, with custom options -- they're gorgeous! read more

  • David Maxwell recommended Audi Asheville
    I went to Asheville Audi in 2015 with the intention of purchasing a Q5 Hybrid. I drove away in a gorgeous Q5 TDI diesel. Two weeks later, the EPA declared the diesel engine non-compliant (this was a different issue than the VW scandal). Scott Allen, the general manager, was absolutely incredible: he got the Q5 Hybrid that I originally wanted down from PA, took the diesel back, and wrote me a check for the difference in price. Throughout our conversations regarding whether or not I would keep the TDI (while Audi argued with the EPA about whether or not the engine was compliant), he repeatedly said, "I promise you this will come out the way you want it to," and he kept his promise. I'm incredibly impressed with the integrity, responsiveness and accountability that Scott, the dealership and Audi corporate displayed. And they have fantastic cars! read more

  • David Maxwell recommended Eclipse Hair Salon
    Casi has consistently been giving me the best haircuts I've ever gotten. She's skilled, attentive to what I want, and has a very good sense of what to do to make me look good (which is a real challenge...). She's also very personable, smart and well-informed - we have great conversations while she's working her miracles. read more

  • David Maxwell recommended AntiFragile Physical Therapy
    Although he is highly qualified in a broad range of physical therapy needs, Wes specializes in working with runners and triathletes. He's also an ultra-marathoner and cyclist himself. He is incredibly knowledgeable, does a great job of explaining what you need to do and why, and is totally focused on helping you achieve your performance goals. We is very personable, and has the ability to make sessions enjoyable, even when he is inflicting moderate (but necessary) pain on your tissues! He also is certified in treating myofascial issues! read more

  • David Maxwell recommended Zach Kardon
    Zach is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, arguably the best contemporary music school in the U.S. He is a superb musician, and a patient, articulate teacher who works to guide you toward meeting your own music goals. He does an excellent job of explaining the complexities of music theory - scales, intervals, chords, etc., and the ways in which it is applied to actually playing. read more