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  • Bruno de Meyer recommended Klimzaal Balance
    A smaller but very cool bouldering gym for all level climbers. Nice community gym with a cosy bar, fitness room and chill corner. read more

  • Bruno de Meyer recommended Biover
    Great climbing gym with an excellent bouldering and length climbing area (also lead climbing indoor and outdoor). Cosy bar with good food and drinks. Extras like fitness and multifunctional rooms. read more

  • Bruno de Meyer recommended Vertical thinking
    Vertical Thinking is a great way to get more climbing experience. With a huge number of different lessons you will find what you need to improve yourself. read more

  • Bruno de Meyer recommended Max Climbing
    Max Climbing creates training gear and others stuff for climbers by a climber who is very passionated in what he does. I have personally been very satisified by the gear he sells as it made me to the next level bouldering. :) read more

  • Bruno de Meyer recommended Steelfingers
    Excellent knowledge that will make you stronger and help you archieve your climbing goals. Great coaching and training toward groups or individual. read more