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needs your help finding:

bike repair and fitting

Near Palo Alto, CA

I'm looking for 2 things related to bikes, hopefully via the same provider in the Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Mountain View areas:
(a) Fitting for my road bike. I'm just getting back into riding and want to avoid getting injured :-)
(b) Bike tuneup for my road & mountain bikes. I used to use Mikes Bikes in Palo Alto but they've moved farther away than I care to travel. I consider this latter task less important than fitting, so if there's a shop that does great bike fitting, then I'm happy to also use them for bike tuneups

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    Justin Maxwell
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    @kevin - any chance i can coerce you to write a recommendation for RiF here?
    Justin Maxwell
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    Seconding what Kevin said about RiF — as for the bike tuneup, I'm a Beeline Bikes addict now. I've been solely using them for about 3 years now on all my bikes. I went from someone who works on all his own bikes (or in the case of my Pinarello, took it to Velo Tech) to someone who fully trusts these folks to do it better, faster, and cheaper than I can. And they come to your house and fix it same-day. No more dropping it off and being without a bike for a few days.

    I can't seem to recommend them again because I already recommended them (we'll fix this soon)! Here's my previous recommendation:

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    For a fit: Curtis & the team at RiF has sorted me out twice, once when I got my first "serious" road bike and then again after my bike accident and a lot less flexible than I used to be. Curtis is famous for not only providing bike fits but also contributing to the guidelines and process that is used by the entire industry. They do Retul and other 3d/z-axis analysis, sit bone measurements and saddle recommendations, and much more. They came recommended to me by Rand Hill.

    (Also, I really recommend getting a fit at a place that isn't incentivized to sell you things.)

    More info on their process and qualifications here: Read more

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    Got a fitting here for $100 with two additional adjustment appointments. Nice, small shop with good stuff. Read more

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    Kevin Vandi
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    Check out revolutions in fitness in Palo Alto for fit. Don't know if they do repair...