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  • Tim Sweeten recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Love this bike shop. They are easy to talk to and very helpful and accommodating to get you parts or to get you back riding fast!!! read more

  • Wojtek Spivak recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Great shop. They are very welcoming. Work on anything that rolls. Always offering good value products. read more

  • John Beauregard recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    The folks at this shop are passionate about biking. Moreover, are very honest and give great advice. They are very patient in listening to my questions, and their answers are always very helpful. My knowledge about (and love of) mountain biking has increased dramatically since I've started using Fritz's Bike Shop. read more

  • Dyanna Louyakis recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Fritz's Bicycle Shop is by far the best bike shop in Central Mass. Aaron and his crew are knowledgeable and are always ready to answer any questions I have. They also host some really cool events and rides around Worcester that are open to all levels of riders. In addition to sales, Aaron is also a first rate bike mechanic. I would never take me bike to anyone else. read more

  • Robert Doucette recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    They helped me get ready for my first cyclocross season, along with repairs during season read more

  • Julio Bustos Soto recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Fritz's have been my LBS since I moved to Worcester MA and they have always been willing to explain the details behind their recommendations when I buy, from a chain to a new bike. They are totally customer oriented bike experts. They are also involved with the local community. read more

  • Brandon Sexton recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Gave us a lot of great advice, was great with my kids and very helpful with recommendations read more

  • Tom Ottaviano recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Been a business in the local community for many years. I have been utilizing there services since I got my first bike when I was 10. They are community driven and always go above and beyond for every customer. read more

  • Tim Mccrohon recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Best service in the region. Aarron is the real deal. He is honest, listens to his customers and saves us money. Highly recommend. read more

  • Noah Normandin recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Cool guys that love the sport and arnt "too cool" to talk to you type of place, willing to go out of there way to help ! read more

  • Mark Lovejoy recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Really cares about ALL customers. They want to match customers with bikes that meet their needs, not the bike shop's needs. read more

  • John Holland recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Aaron loves biking and runs the shop for bikers, he listened to me about my needs and hooked me up with a great deal on a fat tire bike. He advised me on restoring 2 old MTBs I had so that I knew whether it was worth putting in money for repairs. He's not out to get rich, just to help people have fun on a bike.

    Updated on Dec. 18, 2017

    Other bike shops I have had work done at seem to be just trying to make a fast buck on over-priced repairs. Aaron took the time to recommend just what is needed and to let me know if it was worth fixing. read more

  • Dan Merrill recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Best shop in State. Customer oriented. Does not upsell. Makes sure the customer is purchasing the best gear for them, not the most expensive gear for the shop. Service and mechanics are the best around. read more

  • Brendan O'Brien recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    Great guy, easy to work with, really helpful, guess out of his way to help you out. read more

  • bill peck recommended FRITZ'S BICYCLE SHOP
    He takes care of his customers. one example is I had a set of wheels built by him that ended up being defective (Stan's Hugo rims). He ordered replacement rims and rebuilt the wheels at no cost. read more

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