Tim Curtis

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    Tim responded to a request for assistance with my Sequential Circuits Studio 440 on Analogue Heaven. It's a 20 year old drum machine/sampler filled with irreplaceable parts that should only be worked on by someone who knows what they're doing. Specifically, I was modernizing it by installing an internal SCSI port so I could retrofit it with a SD card instead of using its own floppy drive — the disks suffer from bit rot and really, who wants to wait for a floppy drive to load anymore? Tim was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond on the job, sanding down a chassis part I had provided that didn't fit well, testing everything thoroughly, and even sending me photos of the completed job. To top it all off, he even delivered it to the person who was helping me sell it (Perfect Circuit Audio in the valley). He makes a strong disclaimer that he only works on stuff for friends & family, but I still wanted to recommend him here anyway because he did amazing work!

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