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IQ Fun Pack (Ages 3-7)

This complete test prep system is designed to get your children ages 3-7 ready to score their highest on gifted and talented tests and school entrance exams. 

Plus, the skills they’ll learn in IQ Fun Pack also set a strong foundation for future school success.

Here’s the best part: The IQ Fun Pack looks and feels like a game. 

Kids even think it’s a game - but really, it’s a complete skill-building system for test readiness. 
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As soon as Oct 16, 2019

What does it include?

Pack includes:

  • A two-sided board game with a simple online interface
  • Over 11,000 learning challenges to prep for 15+ different tests
  • Flashcards 
and more! 

IQ Fun Pack also offers offline, hands-on physical play options in case you want to limit your child’s online exposure.

IQ Fun Pack develops the seven abilities every child must have to ace an intelligence test:
  • Language
  • Knowledge
  • Memory
  • Math
  • Visual-Spatial
  • Thinking
  • Fine-Motor Skills

Why is it important?

Start preparing your child for higher scores today with the test prep system that feels like play:
  • IQ Fun Pack makes test prep painless for parents and fun for kids. 
  • It’s where education meets fun.

When you invest in IQ Fun Pack, you’ll open doors to new possibilities, including:
  • Prestigious gifted programs
  • A leading option for a high-quality education. 

IQ Fun Pack can also prepare your children for:
  • Private school entrance exams, giving your family access to top-choice schools

IQ Fun Pack is the secret to taking 3-to 7-year-olds beyond ABCs and 123s to gifted-style thinking, which:
  • Prepares them for any placement tests they may encounter 
  • Primes them for future school success

Plus, IQ Fun Pack is centered around a fun, entertaining concept that kids love.

Additional notes

Kids Love This Test Prep System That Feels Like Play

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