Allen Coppock

Vintage Synthesizer Restoration

Glossy Reflective Roland Juno 106 'Blue Meanie' MKII

"I purchased this very special and unique version of the Juno 106 from Allen Coppock of The Synth Spa in the US. I then had the unit imported to me at quite some cost. This unit has been configured to accept 240 volts. It goes without saying that this is a very rare and beautiful machine and remains in stunning condition - a 30 year old synthesizer that looks new and looks particularly gorgeous in low light, with the lit up pitch-bender and blue LED's. This particular unit has had some of its capacitors replaced in addition to all of its transistors to bring the sound more in line with the Juno 60. The complete Blue Meanie upgrade encompassed the following upgrades and refinements, as explained by Allen Coppock:-

1. A full panel board restoration. (This solves bad buttons. corroded faders, edit light problems.)

2. Power board restoration. (This solves aging large electrolytic capacitors that are leaking)

3. New battery and removable battery chassis in the CPU board. (You can now replace the battery your self!)

4. Module board restoration - voice chips service. (Guaranteed not to fail, AND socketed for easy removal if need be.)

5. Juno 60 style transistors installed in the analogue signal path on the module board and Jack board.

6. Minor body work and a clear coat to protect the Juno 106 screen print for years to come.

7. Full calibration across the entire keyboard.

8. A special edition of Synth Spa Sounds for bank A & B, organized by type of sound.

9. Lighted bender, LED's and 2 digit screen changed to Blue.

10. A DSI style polyphony meter. When you play a key, the voice for that key depressed, lights up a corresponding LED in the poly meter. This can be very useful for a tech or for just watching the lights dance during a real cool sequence.

11. Beautifully cut and polished American Cherry wood side panels.

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