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Juno 60 Minerva MIDI mod

We install the legendary Minerva MIDI retrofit on your Juno 60.

Minerva is a MIDI retrofit for the Roland Juno 60 synthesizer. It is installed internally but with a minimum harm to the original system hence can be called non-destructive.

The Minerva main board which sits in an add-socket actually replaces one of the factory Roland microprocessor without the needing of removing the processor itself. By unplugging the add-on board the original processor is back to work.

The MIDI sockets are prepared on a plate which is installed as a replacement of the DCB socket plate.

The Minerva pitch bend board is to be plugged at the pitch bend board of the Juno. This little board mixes the manual and MIDI pitch bend signals.

While Minerva adds superior MIDI functions to Juno it also provides fine extras for sound manipulation, too. An extra very flexible LFO and an extra mono envelope generator for the filter extends modulation capabilities. Both the extra LFO and the arpeggiator can be synced to MIDI. The voice generation and the tonal character of the synthesizer are not affected by adding Minerva.

The memory capacity is enlarged to 80 patches from the original 56 and the extra parameters are stored in the patch memory as well.

The firmware can be upgraded via MIDI and the patches can up- and downloadable as SysEx data.

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As soon as Dec 06, 2021

What does it include?

You'll get
  • All the original functions of the factory programming are kept. The following functions are added:
  • All programmable sliders and switches send and receive MIDI control change messages.
  • Patch memory is expanded to 80 patches.
  • Dumping of parameters via MIDI
  • MIDI Program Change messages are sent and received.
  • A so-called Second Page that enables control of the extra parameters.

What we take care of
  • Cost of MIDI kit from Midipolis — we take care of that, you don't need to
  • All labor

Why is it important?

The Roland Juno-60 is an incredible synthesizer, but it doesn't have MIDI — it has a DCB port. So that means if you want to use the synth with MIDI, you either need a MIDI-DCB adapter and stay limited to the functions of the DCB and State of The Art in the 1980's, or upgrade the MIDI capabilities of the synth with a retrofit like the Minerva. This also gives you additional functions not found on the 60 that extend the capabilities of the synth.

Additional notes

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