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Vintage Synthesizer Restoration


Blue Meanie Mod & Restorations with Polyphony meter lights

The polyphony meter can also be configured to add filter distortion when ON. Please contact us for a more detailed description. Video demo coming soon! Back by popular Demand! This 106 isn't just a pretty face. The keyboard has been totally restored inside & out and comes with the SynthSpa warrantee, all workmanship and chips (that are still manufactured) are covered. It's an Electronic & Cosmetic 10!
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As soon as Mar 17, 2021

What does it include?


  • Power PCB rebuilt - Large electro caps replaced, new 3 prong receptacle and new standard IEC power cable.
  • CPU board rebuilt - Old Battery removed, new removable battery chassis installed with new battery.
  • Module board rebuilt - 80017a voice chips restored & fully calibrated, comes with the SynthSpa guarantee!
  • Panel board rebuilt - All sliders removed, rebuilt, de-oxidized, re-soldered, and all new buttons.
  • Bender board rebuilt, volume & portamento knobs cleaned.
  • Keys cleaned - surface cleaned, key contacts de-oxidized.
  • New sounds organized by banks - From the SynthSpa library the 'best-of-the-best'. Plus an additional 2,048 sounds on CD-ROM.


  • Blue lighted bender.
  • Blue 3mm LEDs.
  • Blue 2-Digit seven segment display.
  • Classic cherry custom wood end bells.
  • Clear coat - To protect your fragile screen print for years to come.
  • 6-Voice Polyphony Lights (see video) available for $200 extra

Why is it important?

Blue Meanie Restoration of your Juno-106 NOTE: You must send us YOUR restorable Juno-106 Free Return Shipping*

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