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Korg PolySix/Poly-61 CPU Battery Board & Tune-Up

Some synths have an achilles heel. With the Juno 106 it's the voice chips. With the Korg Polysix or Poly-61 it's the dreaded CPU circuit board battery leakage. There are a few fixes out there that try to remove all of the corrosion and hope for the best. Often the true extent of the damage is not known, causing future problems or never restoring full capability to the synth. This service gives your wonderful POLYSIX or Poly-61 a completely new lease on life with a BRAND NEW CPU BOARD! We remove only a few hard to find parts from your old CPU board, but other than that, EVERY part is completely BRAND NEW. New electronics and a Synth Spa guarantee for the future. The key bed can also be a large problem. We will solve your key bed issues with proper removal of oxidation and re-coating of contacts if necessary.
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6 hours
As soon as Dec 20, 2021

What does it include?

  1. A NEW CPU board installed
  2. All pot's cleaned
  3. Total re-calibration
  4. All key contacts cleaned and restored
  5. Your original patches saved or a new set of the best of the best, installed into internal memory
  6. The Synth Spa guarantee, which guarantees the circuit board's life for the next 10 years!

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