Emmanuel Andre Mendives Juarez

Musician, Music Producer, Songwriter

Emmanuel André, known as Sonnemm, has been working for years in music industry. Nowadays he continues working in mixing and producing electronic tracks and sets. He started in year 2009 but he has recently released his public profile on 2013. On 2012 he was chartered #35 on Mixcloud People Choice Awards Best of 2012. After a long season of dates on pubs, discos and private partys he decides to release his public profile. By this time he is studying Music Composition & Production in a local University while he is finishing his brand new EP.

On 2014 and 2015 continues DJing at different venues while produces EPs for Santiago Zapata, Le Jeanni, and other artist.

On 2016 he moved to LA to continue his music career. Read more

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    One of the best musical producers I've worked with. Composer of songs with strong melodies and interesting electronic sounds. His experience has lead him to know how to get a regular song and turn it into a successful composition.

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