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PCS Plumbing & Heating is better known for their commercial and residential plumbing but can meet your residential heating needs as well. They have also recently added excavating services for the plumbing jobs that require it. Last year, Chris completed the University at Buffalo’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership program and Pat is currently enrolled in the course. Since 2007, they have grown to a staff of 16 people and recently hired a project manager to help them reach the next level. Their success then and now has been built mostly on one philosophy. Chris describes, “If we are doing a residential job, I want it done like I’m doing it for my mother. If we’re doing a commercial job, I want it done like it’s our building”. Pat adds,“slow growth”, as another important term they use to describe what they have accomplished. Their goal is to continue to grow at a steady pace while building a reputation of tremendous work and customer service. Read more
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    The gentlemen arrived on time. They check the service and made the recommendations of what we needed and offered at a fair price. Very happy with the service!

    Charles Cromwell

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    We at C&M Rental have used PCS Plumbing for a lot of our work when our own crews can not handle it. They are very professional and do the work right the first time. They have done literally dozens and dozens of projects for us.

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    John Tebeau

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    These guys were OUTSTANDING! I'm new to the area and arrived to my house with no heat.
    Entire system had failed and temps were dropping. They were out in a matter of hours and began work replacing the system very early the next AM. They were still here 12 hours later in a snowstorm to make sure the system was running smoothly and the house and my family were safe THEN they were back at 7:45 AM on SATURDAY to finish up details. Thanks to all the guys at PCS who got us through this. What a pleasure.

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