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Scott Nyman

Registered Patent Attorney
Nyman IP is a technology-forward law firm bridging the gap between innovation and protection. Founded by an electrical and computer engineer, Nyman IP leverages today’s technological advances to practice with efficiency well beyond the outdated, traditional legal model. Nyman IP’s modern approach enables high-quality legal representation with exceptional access to information at prices more reasonable than possible under the decades-old inefficiencies common with the legal industry today. In most cases, Nyman IP prices legal services using a competitive fixed-rate flat fee model, not an uncertain and open-ended collection of hours.

Wherever possible and practical, Nyman IP eliminates undesirable the jargon that has long isolated the public from the legal world. Instead, Nyman IP uses an accessible, plain-language approach to enhance understanding between not only clients and their attorney, but also between intellectual property innovators and the examiners, judges, and juries tasked with governing and enforcing their IP rights. Clear and concise language produces highly accessible patent, trademark, and other IP assets, which promotes greater efficiency at virtually every step, from application to enforcement.

Nyman IP
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    We were filing a trademark case with USPTO and we started with LegalZoom and thought it would be an easy task. Unfortunately, LegalZoom only got the submission done and not quite able to follow through.

    That's when Scott came in. He was knowledgeable and super responsive. He explained how the process works and gave us good feedback on various things related to trademark/patent and best practices. Best of all, he was able to do it with a flat fee which is so refreshing when you work with lawyers.

    With his help, we got our trademark in less than 2 months and we couldn't be happier with the result.

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    Brendan Guilford

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    Scott is a great communicator and very easy person with whom to work in a subject matter (IP) that is often very difficult to understand. I have relied on Scott's expertise on a number of occasions and would continue to do so. I would recommend and refer a client to Scott Nyman without any hesitation.

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