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Greg Meyer

Financial Advisor & CPA


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Development of a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your specific financial & life goals. Whether it is creating a plan to pay off your student loans and start building savings, or crafting a strategy to maximize the proceeds from your recent company acquisition, we can help guide you. We coordinate all aspects of your personal finances and create a comprehensive, easy to follow plan.
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1 hour
As soon as Oct 26, 2019

What does it include?

  • 1hr Hangout or phone call
  • Discussion of 2-3 financial topics (tax planning, retirement savings, investment allocation, etc).
  • Summary email of meeting, key takeaways + specific action items

Why is it important?

Building your financial plan is critical to meeting your financial and life goals. And it’s far better to hire an expert to serve as a guide, mentor, and advisor, than hack at it yourself.

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