Modular Synthesis
David Brown

Synthesizer Repair

I've done electronics repair and restoration for decades. I used to operate my own electronics repair business and I restore vintage radios as a hobby. I repair a lot of tube radio, audio, and music equipment and I've done microprocessor and digital system design for Tektronix so I enjoy working on vintage synthesizer restoration. Most of my synthesizer, organ, and amplifier collection were purchased broken for parts but I usually then end up restoring them - I just hate to part out vintage equipment. I have the time and interest to be able to help and assist fellow Synth-DIY'ers with their projects and formed Modular Synthesis, LLC to help. I've even helped successfully diagnose and repair modules by email. Contact me if I can be of help or assistance with your project, design, repair, or restoration. Read more

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    David is excellent at working on vintage and esoteric synthesizer equipment, particularly modular equipment. He was able to fix Aries modules that another well-known repair place threw its hands up at. He was able to trace out circuitry that was not reflected on schematics, such as on an early Sequential Circuits 800 sequencers, and a SCI 700 Programmer. Also very reasonable on his rate, as he enjoys working on this type of equipment. Will also do kit building and module construction, I believe. Very personalized service. Won't take just anything, only things that interest him, again such as esoteric modular and voltage-controlled equipment.