Margo Stern

Cat Rehabilitator & Socializer

Margo Stern comes to ICC from Google, where she leads Content Strategy for Commerce. While there, she’s had the opportunity to define a voice for Google Wallet, strategize Google Express and lend a hand to the Travel group when needed. When not writing short strings for awesome products, Margo travels quite a bit. Last year alone she managed to make it to four continents in one-quarter. Margo lives in San Francisco and finds it immensely awkward to be writing about herself in the third person. @wordstern Read more

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    Margo serves one of those critical functions you might not know exists in how feral & rescue cats eventually become fantastic, loved pets. She works with rescue cats to become more socialized, learning to trust people and adjust to households. It's a balance of patience, affection, and most importantly not-getting-attached-and-turning-into-a-crazy-cat-person-with-100-cats, which occurs in pet rehabilitation. She evangelizes the work, shares photos of the cats and tries to get people she knows involved in their adoption and care.

    If it were not for someone like her, we would not have our cat (the best cat ever), who lived as a stray in Sacramento for a few years before we got him at 9 Lives in Redwood City. So if you have a rescue cat that hasn't fully adjusted to your family, she is someone you can reach out to for advice and perhaps some consultation.

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