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Also known as "core aeration," lawn aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Lawn aeration is the process of insuring that air, water, and nutrients can get to the roots of your grass. This allows for a better exchange of nutrients, which promotes healthier grass and a more rich, lush lawn.
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What does it include?

The aeration process is simple. Our lawn care technicians use a specifically designed core aeration machine that bores evenly spaced holes in your lawn. The cores of dirt and thatch that are removed are then deposited on the surface. These will decompose back into the soil in about a week, recycling their nutrients into the lawn. 

Meanwhile all those good things like air, water, and fertilizer can get down to the roots of your grass, strengthening your lawn and stimulating root growth.
Core aeration is also a great water saver, as it allows more water to be absorbed directly into the soil, rather than running off the surface.

Why is it important?

If you haven't aerated your lawn in a while, your soil is probably highly compacted. Compacted soil hinders root penetration and development making the lawn more susceptible to damage through drought, disease, or insects.  

Additional notes

Lawn aeration is best done in the spring or fall, and usually takes place once or twice per year, depending on the need.

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