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If your lawn is looking a little sparse, our lawn seeding / overseeding service may be just what you need. Most lawns require additional seed applications every year or so, and a quick seed treatment is usually all that's needed to get your lawn looking lovely once again.
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$9000 and up
As soon as Aug 12, 2020

What does it include?

If there are bare patches or bald spots in your yard, our technicians will start by preparing the ground for a seed application. They will then seed the area to match the rest of your lawn. Soil and light conditions need to be matched with the strains of grass best suited to thrive in those situations.

For cases where your overall grass cover is thinner than ideal, we would conduct an overseeding treatment. Overseeding involves an even distribution of new grass seed over your existing lawn. This will result in a thicker, healthier turf that will be more durable and far better looking.

Why is it important?

An even distribution of grass within your lawn ensures consistent drainage and the best appearance.

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