Lawn Love

Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing

$3600 and up

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Lawn mowing services. Our unique lawn mowing approach takes into account variables like grass variety, varying mowing patterns, weed proliferation, and ideal cut height.

Lawn Seeding

$9000 and up

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A quick seed treatment is likely all your lawn needs to get looking lovely once again.

Lawn Fertilization

$3900 and up

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Regular lawn fertilization is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn. Our lawn fertilization experts have years of experience treating lawns of all shapes and sizes, and will select the best fertilizer for your lawn.

Lawn Aeration

$9800 and up

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Lawn aeration, or "core aeration," is the process of insuring that air, water, and nutrients can get to the roots of your grass. This allows for a better exchange of nutrients, which promotes healthier grass and a more rich, lush lawn.

Weed Control

$3800 and up

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Herbicide spot-treatments to stop even the most aggressive weeds.

Yard Cleanup

$15000 and up

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Yard cleanup tasks include leaf raking, mulching, mowing and edging, hedge trimming, weed control, tree maintenance, green waste disposal, and more.

Gutter Cleaning

$9500 and up

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Cleaning of gutters and downspouts ensures a home with healthy drainage.

Leaf Removal

$10000 and up

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Leaves can suffocate your lawn and prevent photosynthesis. Leaf removal or clean-up is your only hope for a healthy lawn.

Gardener / General Gardening Services

$3600 and up

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A beautiful garden can transform a property. Whether you're trying to recreate the gardens at Versailles, or something a bit less extravagant, Lawn Love can help.