Dr. Fuhrman
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Family physician


Diamond Membership

With a Diamond Membership to DrFuhrman.com you will get the support you need to lose weight and reverse disease and enjoy generous discounts on many Dr. Fuhrman products.

Receive LIFETIME access to all benefits, PLUS a welcome phone call from Dr. Fuhrman, an initial in-office consultation with him, an annual in-office consultation with a doctor from the Dr. Fuhrman Wellness Center, a seat with Dr. Fuhrman for one meal at a Getaway or Immersion event, and much more!
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As soon as Oct 23, 2019

What does it include?

Lifetime Membership - $3,000.00
(One-time charge)

Diamond Membership Includes:

  • Welcome call from Dr. Fuhrman
  • Initial 1-hour in-office consultation with Dr. Fuhrman 
  • Annual half-hour consultations with a physician from Dr. Fuhrman’s Wellness Center 
  • VIP seating when attending a Getaway event 
  • Invitation to Diamond Dinner with Dr. Fuhrman when attending a Getaway event 
  • Special event offers 
  • Access to the Nutritarian Recipe Database 
  • Product Discounts 
  • Access to My Health Tracker 
  • Exclusive Access to Members’ Only Facebook Live Chats 
  • View and Download Position Papers 
  • View Webinars, Teleconferences and Video Content 
  • Post in Nutritarian Network Community 
  • Full participation in Ask the Doctor Community 
  • Full participation in Ask the Food Addiction Specialist Community

Why is it important?

Diamond membership to DrFuhrman.com provides lifetime access and service. 

In addition to the resources available to all members, Diamond members will receive a welcome call and initial in-office consultation with Dr. Fuhrman during the first year of their membership, and then annual consultations with a physician from Dr. Fuhrman’s Wellness Center. 

This level of membership includes full participation in the Ask the Doctor community on the website. 

Diamond members who attend Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Getaways will enjoy VIP seating at event lectures, as well as an invitation to the Getaway’s exclusive Diamond Dinner with Dr. Fuhrman.

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