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High Fructose Corn Syrup Replaces Honey for Humans and Bees - Finance Post
The Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a statement regarding the proper labeling of honey that suggests that many honey products sold in the United States actually contain high fructose corn syrup additives. Based on current requirements, food manufacturers may add large amounts of high fructose corn syrup to their products and not disclose....
Gmail Privacy Policy Debate | CW Misleading | Users Not Falling For It
Users are concerned, but not alarmed, about the recent debate over Google's Gmail privacy policy. In response to a July 2013 class action complaint against Google, the company referenced a case from 1979 which found.....
Changes within the Brain Linked to Internet Addiction - Finance Post
New research studying the effects of Internet gambling on the brain points to damaging yet reversible brain changes.

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