Jeff Jackson

Mixing Engineer

I am a mixing engineer with interest in working with amazing music & artists.

• Fluently work with Pro Tools HD DAW.
• Currently work with 150 different clients ranging from Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Rock.
• Fluently record and mix artist vocals, including multi-instrumental tracks.
• Practice proper and experimental microphone placement to capture the best sound.
• Contributes good vibes in the studio for artist to work in and feel most comfortable.
• Training interns/ aspiring engineer. Read more

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    I'm a good friend of his & I remember he was mentioning to me how he had ventured off into the freelance world (lots of in-studio experience). I'm hoping this can build his clientele & bring more success to someone who deserves it!


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    Hiring Jeff Jackson as my recording Engineer was a great pick for my recent itunes single from recording, mixing, and mastering. He not only has a ear for music but is multi talented, reliable, professional, creative, sufficient, and just over all a great individual to add to your team for the long run. I appreciate his services and I recommend when you are in search of a great professional engineer to elevate your sound in music Jeff is the guy to go too.

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