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    In Home Care Sacramento is a Godsend. I have been driving back and forth for the last 4 months from Santa Rosa to Sacramento, to help take care of my mom. She is in her mid 80's and is having difficulty getting around. Plus I think she is kind of lonely. My big concern is that she falls and breaks a hip. I know that once you hit a certain age and break a hip, the chances of dying in the next few years is greatly increased. So I decided to reach out to a home health care agency. I called a couple companies, but I wasn't satisfied with what I was hearing from them. I then got In Home Care Sacramento on the phone. Jenny picked up the phone. She was amazing from the beginning. She has been a nurse for a long time and has experience the same things with her parents that I am experiencing with my mother. After my phone call with Jenny, I knew her company was the one I was going to hire. Her trained professionals came to my mother's home where we had an initial consultation. The caregiver that would be with my mom came along too. This was a wonderful opportunity for my mother and the caregiver to get to know each other. My mother was so happy to meet this new person. They hit it off right away. Jenny told me that she likes to match her caregivers personalities with her client's personalities. What a personalized and amazing experience with In Home Care Sacramento. This company is amazing!