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Stream thousands of videos to fuel the pursuit of your highest potential.
Gaia presents the world’s best teachers and luminaries to guide you on your path with yoga, meditation, spiritual growth and alternative perspectives.

We are dedicated to finding and creating exclusive, informative, and enlightening video programming not available through mainstream media.

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As soon as Oct 16, 2019

What does it include?


  • Unlimited ad free streaming of exclusive and original programming 
  • Inspiring films and documentaries
  • Yoga classes taught by the masters

Why is it important?

If you are into exploring beyond mainstream or standard life, this channel is for you.

Docs, movies, series, exercise, personal growth, supernatural, paranormal, God to UFOs to anything in between, it's there.

Also tons of yoga videos, including a few creative yoga series for kids as young as about 3 or 4 years old.

Additional notes

Available on Laptop, Phone, Tablet and TV

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